Senin, 07 September 2015

Discover The Amazing Benefits of Blueberries

You know fruit berry? One of the most you know obviously a lot of strawberries found in our country. But what about the other cousins blueberries? Maybe you just know her as part of the content of food or beverages only. However, if you consume blueberries directly, you will get tremendous benefits.

Incredible Blueberry benefits

Increase the durability of the body

According to a study, blueberries contain antioxidants that turns out more than any other vegetable and fruit. These antioxidants are good for endurance of the body, in a manner to neutralize the free radicals due to toxins or cigarette. This antioxidant benefits generated from pigment-producing blue color on the blueberries.

Brain stimulation

Diligent eating blueberries can make the brain work more actively and more clever. The results of the study also said that the habit of eating blueberries can improve memory in later life.

Good for dry skin

In the realm of beauty, blueberry donated one of the other important benefits, namely smoothes skin texture. It's easy, just mix two teaspoons of blueberries with sugar and three spoons of lemon juice.

Help sharp vision

The consumption of two pieces of blueberries daily will avoid yourself from the risk of decreased vision in the eye due to the addition of the age.

Heart healthy

Blueberries contain ingredients that are good for heart health. With the consumption of fruit every five to six weeks, will help lower the risk of contracting a heart attack.

Lower blood sugar

Blueberry fruit is a fruit with a low glycemic index, which is good for the regulation of blood sugar, especially for those diabetics. The consumption of this fruit is five per day, and you'll feel the positive benefits on the body.

Prevent cancer

Diligently eating half a cup of blueberry juice every day, its content of anthocyanins can prevent cancer.

Prevent infection in urinary tract

Such as cranberry, blueberry fruit is also good to prevent bacteria or bladder infections.

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Eliminate fat in the stomach

With the polyphenols found in it a nutritious blueberries, lose excess fat around the stomach and reduce problems in the body's metabolism. Because of the low calories content, the fruit is good for consumption for those of you who are undergoing diet program.

Treating cellulite

Raw blueberry fruit contains four grams of fiber. Fiber in it is more easily absorbed than with water though.

Well to the bone

Blueberry fruit contain manganese is good for bones so potent in strengthen bones and you will avoid the risk of developing porous.

After learning this, the benefits start to like and consume blueberries with routine. :)